Welcome, from the TorontoToffees

January 16th 2007
It seems Everton made quite an impression on Rocky over the weekend. 
Sly has continued his work as an Unofficial Ambassador of Everton by wearing the Everton scarf in Paris. You gotta love him. 

December 1st 2006 
Ally & myself went to Scallywags last night for the Mo Johnston and Toronto FC Meet & Greet. It was an opportunity to meet an 
ex Everton player I remember well.
There was a very large turnout, and a real mixture of footie shirts in attendance, but surprisingly, and sadly I did not see any other 
TorontoToffees or supporters from any other English supporters club there. It's not everyday you get to meet and have a drink with
an ex Everton player! I guess the rain kept people indoors?
There was a really good atmosphere with people breaking out into new Toronto FC chants, and everyone seems really optimistic about
the upcoming season. Mo seems happy with the squad he's building and mentioned that he's virtually got his defence sorted, as he 
sees that as a very important factor, especially for a new team.
Mo looked very relaxed, and had a big smile on his face when the singing broke out, as did some of the players that were also there. 
I took along a home shirt from the 1992 season, which Mo recognised and gladly signed. We were tempted to get him to wear it for 
a photo,but I think it may have been a bit snug!
He said he still looks for our results and is off to our see our game on Sunday, and that it was nice to hear a scouse accent over here. 
He's actually going back to the UK next week to promote his new team, or maybe to recruit a few more players.
Thanks for a good night, Mo, and good luck for the new season.
Sid 'n Ally



22 November 2006
Change of plan for the United game. Due to a vote it has now been decided that the preferred location to watch the game is Scallywags.
Plus, Dickie Wrong may well be between the sticks that night and it may lead to another embarrassing performance by our lowly keeper.
Thursday 30th November. Mo Johnston will be visiting Scallywags for a Toronto FC meet & greet. He'll be there between 8 & 9pm.
Get your old Everton shirts out of the closet and get them signed by Mo.
For me, he'll always be remembered for scoring a wonderful goal in the Derby from the edge of the box. GET IN!!!
19th November 2006
For the upcoming Premiership game away to Manchester United we'll be going to the Bow & Arrow to watch this game. 
We know a few of the United fans up there, so we thought we'd watch the game with them. Nothing like a bit of friendly 
rivalry to get the juices flowing, eh?

4th October 2006

Mr Keith Wyness was in Toronto at the beginning of this month meeting with the Ontario Soccer Association, one of the TorontoToffees, Howy, decided to contact him.

Here's an email dated 4th October 2006 to fellow TorontoToffees about what happened:

"I went to the Everton website and zapped out an invitation for him to meet and sent it off to three addresses.  Two bounced
back, but amazingly (less than an hour after my email) he just called me on my cell!

He's leaving very early in the morning and so can't meet this time, but he said he'll be back soon and will email me in advance so we can all meet up for a drink at Scally's!  He's been meeting with the Rogers/Maple Leaf people -- so who knows what's brewing.

Sounds like a really nice guy -- Yorkshire accent I think. :^)

I'll follow up in a few days with another email to say thanks for his quick response."

So, it looks like we may well try and get something official going with Everton, or just to be recognised that there are a few supporters of Everton over here will be very pleasing. Let's hope that Mr Wyness is back over very soon, and we can thank him for taking time out to call one of us. Hey, maybe Everton will play in the new BMO Stadium in Toronto next year?