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R.I.P Tim Mitchell.

November 3rd 1978 to October 11th 2010.


Our great friend, fellow Evertonian and TorontoToffee, Tim Mitchell sadly passed away Monday 11th October. He was just 31 years of age.

I'm struggling with what to write and say about the big guy, as I still haven't really come to terms with him passing.

He was a truly great friend, always smiling, infecting all he met with his warmth and sense of humor and love for life.

As many have said he was a "Big Bear" of a man (he had lately become to resemble a homeless yeti), with a genuine heart of gold, a bit geeky at times but always there for his friends and family.

He'll be sorely missed.

A few friends have written some really nice and moving words about Tim; I hope you can take the time to read and remember.

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