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This is a new, and hopefully expanding section where the TorontoToffees will be able to post stories, articles, thoughts etc etc. Again, a warning regards to the fact there may be some unsuitable language in these articles. Click the links and enjoy.

At the recent Everton v Blackburn game at Goodison Park, Everton Football Club designated this day as Flag Day; a day for their officially recognised supporters clubs to have a representative walk around the ground before kick off, displaying a flag of their supporters clubs. Everton FC kindly produced a flag for the TorontoToffees and 2 local lads (not a member of TorontoToffees) paraded the flag around the ground. I only found out about this when I received a message from a guy, Frances Davies on our message board saying:

"Hey did I see your flag toronto toffees at the game today? I am a season ticket holder at Goodison and when the flag went past the gwladys street end a man behind me stated "there cant be many canadian supporters". So I thought I would look you up. Hope you enjoyed the game today or more importantly winning the 3points. Love from Liverpool "

Today, we got sent this photo from Everton (Now I know what Frances was on about!):


Whoo-Hoo, Fame at last ;-)

 Friday 5th December 2008

 The TorontoToffees were recently invited to submit a Q&A article about the history of our ever growing Official Supporters Club.

We got lucky and were published in the matchday program for the Everton v Manchester United game.

It was great to actually see ourselves in the program, something I'm sure all Evertonians maybe dream about when they are kids (I know I always wanted my picture in there).

Anway, a copy of the article is posted HERE for you to read.

There is just one error in the article regards where we meet. We DO still meet at Scallywags and not used to as the article states. So mcuh for proof readers!!!!

The club sent us 4 copies of the program. 2 have gone out to the ToffeeTots in the picture and the others will be framed and shown on the wall at Scallywags when we can convince Jeff to give us some room.

Thursday 26th April 2007:

Not strictly about Everton, but a few 'Toffees get a mention in the local paper regards Toronto FC. I was shortly finished up from my job after this report!! I'm sure it was coincidence?!?

"I'm sick. Honest!"

David Weir Tribute

Monday 29th January 2007:

Matt needs to get something off his chest, and also asks a few questions to fellow Evertonians.

Moaning - An Impassioned Plea