Welcome, from the TorontoToffees

The "Original" TorontoToffees are:


Ivan - Our very own AJ & Carsley look-a-like. Came to Toronto via Chester and never looked back.

Mitch - A Canadian from New Brunswick who 'found' Everton a few years ago. Now lives and breathes for the Toffees.

Howy - An Ex-pat from Liverpool. A very passionate Everton supporter.

Sid - An Ex-Pat from Birkenhead. Blue blood runs through his veins, has a big mouth when the game is on.

Gary - Also an Ex-Pat from Birkenhead. Likes to make a grand entrance by arriving 15 minutes after kick-off.

AllyWatches the game mainly for James Beattie. She likes thighs! The bigger the better. I guess Carsley is her next victim favourite!

Stuey - An Ex-Pat from London. Somewhat of an enigma, is our Stuey.

Jerry - A lifelong Evertonian, hails from Ellesmere Port, a friend of Dave Hickson. Our elder statesman of the group.

Tom - Brother of Ivan, gets to the games when he can as he's a busy jet-setter.

Dora - Recently introduced to Everton, she wears her shirt with pride. 

Adriana - Another recent convert to Everton FC. Brings a latin flair to the group.

Steve - Recently found our little Everton supporters group in Scallywags after years thinking he was alone in Toronto.

Matt - A fellow Blue who hails from Deepest Darkest Wales. He's very vocal and forthright with his views on the Blues. Our resident match reporter.




We look forward to meeting more Evertonians and giving you a warm welcome to Toronto.




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